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AIM Techno Global Systems (AIM) is among the leading information technology consulting services and business process outsourcing organisations, offering services to clients all across India. With a flexible delivery mode for IT services, AIM focuses on delivering technology-led business solutions to its customers across varied industries. The company has achieved its vision of being the top 10 IT services company in 2010.

AIM offers a comprehensive range of IT services to clients in diverse industries, such as banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, and transportation.

AIM's ability to deliver high-quality services and solutions is unmatched. It has achieved enterprise-wide 'maturity level 5 on both CMMI® and P-CMM®, using the most rigorous assessment methodology, SCAMPISM. AIM's integrated quality management integrates process maturity, people maturity and technology maturity through the practices and standards of various established frameworks and models.
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